At NATRUST, we understand the unique need of the low- & middle-income housing-segments where end-users are keen to own their home. We provide localized processing of your proposals, to facilitate property purchase. With competitive home loan interest rates, multiple product options and a team of dedicated professionals bringing our services to your doorstep.

  • Step 1: Submit loan application with all required documents of KYC, Income, Property title documents.
  • Step 2: Official visits your place for a personal discussion to better understand your requirement.
  • Step 3: Valuation of your property.
  • Step 4: Arriving at Loan eligibility and sanction of loan.
  • Step 5. Loan documentation and disbursement.

The process is handled by a dedicated and experienced  in-house team to ensure your application is given due attention and to maintain the highest level of confidentiality.

Yes. You can prepay the loan, subject to terms & conditions specified and as per guidelines stipulated by NHB from time to time.

Loan amount is subject to income and valuation of Property.

You can choose tenure options *between 60 months to 240 months.

*(Subject to terms & conditions)

No, you would need to show a bank statement for the past 6 months to 1 year


  1. Loan under this scheme is granted for business and non- business purpose.
  2. It can be availed to meet marriage, educational & medical expenses of your dependents
  3. It can be availed for consolidating your existing debts with various institutions

Resident Individuals are eligible for mortgage loan. Non-resident Individuals are also eligible provided their spouse or close blood relation join the loan as co-borrowers

Loan amount is decided mainly based your income (family income) and valuation of property.  Your age, qualification, number of dependants, assets & liabilities, savings history and the stability & continuity of occupation also contribute to arrive at maximum loan quantum that you could borrow.

Maximum of 120 months.

*(Subject to terms & conditions)

Mortgage of un-encumbered residential house/flat/ commercial property in the name and possession of the borrower either self-occupied or vacant or partially tenanted

Personal guarantee of a person acceptable to the company must be provided as per requirement.