Happy employees make Happy customers!

Glimpses of our pursuits to create happy moments for the team that has helped us evolve to what we are today!

What is in it for you?

When you join the Natrust family; you would get to savour the special bonding that exists among the team.

  • Work with an Indian company that is poised to scale great heights
  • Carve your professional journey in one of the most prominent players in the housing finance industry
  • Explore & Learn & Excel

The growth of the organization over the last 24 years has been etched by the people who were associated with NATRUST.

The hiring policy of NATRUST is committed to providing equal opportunity for talented individuals. NATRUST strongly believes that successful hires make a strong workforce which will reflect in the overall success of the company. Hence, a lot of emphasis is given to ensure that the right individual who culturally aligns with the values and practices of NATRUST is hired.

The open-door policy aims to ensure that no job applicant or employee is discriminated based on gender, marital status, ethnic origin, age or any other factor. It is a matter of pride that the team at NATRUST comprises individuals from different cultural backgrounds, religious orientations, socioeconomic backgrounds, academic orientation etc.

We are caring, open and encouraging to everyone we work with.

We’re driven by curiosity, optimism, and the belief that every person can grow.

We’re determined to create our bold ambitions into reality.

Our business philosophy is based on four core values – Integrity, Quality, teamwork and Customer Centricity. We believe that the ultimate identity and success of our company resides in the exceptional quality of our people and their extraordinary efforts. For this reason, we are committed to hiring, developing, motivating and retaining the best people in the industry.

Fun at work

A movie night is a great way to bring people together – after all, who doesn’t like watching a movie?

Enjoying a light and casual flick on a chilly evening, with a popcorn, can help people unwind and relax. It’s also a great way to bond with your team and to have a memorable company movie night.

Success Mantra

India has always been an advocate of mantras; success also requires few mantras and tantras.

In continuation with our belief that Knowledge is Power; we have talk series titled Success Mantra which will focus on enabling the Natrustians to have an insight into improving their success quotient.

Success Mantra sessions are conducted to motivate employees and inspire them to achieve better results. Successful people from the same industry or others are invited to NATRUST to address the employees and motivate them.

Bond to Surge

We work together to achieve a common goal. ‘Bond to Surge’ sessions are held to unite our people by inspiring them to get behind a shared vision or goal. Facilitation techniques and activities are conducted to build effective teams and support teamwork. These sessions foster trust and openness for better collaboration and manage team dynamics effectively.

Celebrations at work

Birthdays, promotions, festivals … there’s always an occasion to celebrate. We can be easy to get caught up in the day-to-day noise of deadlines, meetings, and endless emails. However, no matter how busy we are, we find time to celebrate.

More often than not, we celebrate the birthdays of our colleagues and regional festivals. Occasionally, we reward an entire department or give a shout-out to an individual employee, appreciating even the smallest details that can do wonders for company morale and employee engagement. Here is a glimpse of our life at NATRUST

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